Red Smith Lecture

2023 Red Smith Lecture: How to Read Washington


Carlos Lozada '93

Pulitzer Prize-winner and New York Times Opinion columnist

Carlos Lozada is an Opinion columnist for The New York Times and author of What Were We Thinking: A Brief Intellectual History of the Trump Era. He won the Pulitzer Prize for criticism in 2019 and was a finalist for the award in 2018. Previously he was the Washington Post’s Outlook editor and has overseen news coverage of economics and national security. He received the 2015 National Book Critics Circle’s citation for excellence in reviewing. Previously, he was managing editor of Foreign Policy magazine and a Knight-Bagehot fellow in economics and business journalism at Columbia University. 

At Notre Dame, Lozada majored in economics and political science. He went on to earn a master’s degree in public policy from Princeton University. In 2022–23, he is a practitioner in residence at the Notre Dame Institute for Advanced Study. 

About the Lecture Series

During a career in journalism that spanned over a half-century, Red Smith became a prose stylist worth enduring attention. A 1927 Notre Dame graduate and a Pulitzer Prize winner for distinguished commentary, Smith died in 1982, and at the time was a sports columnist for The New York Times.

Past Lectures

Red Smith Portrait
Red Smith

In 1983, Notre Dame inaugurated the Red Smith Lecture in Journalism to honor Smith and his literary achievement. The Smith Lectureship features visits to campus by prominent journalists and authors who discuss the craft of writing and the state of American journalism. Support for the Smith Lectureship is provided by The Marguerite and Lou Keifer Endowment for Excellence in Journalism.

Making Words Dance: Reflections on Red Smith, Journalism, and Writing is a collection of the Red Smith Lectures from 1983 through 2008 and some of Red Smith's classic columns and articles.

Past Lectures

Kathleen Parker, Red Smith Lecture 2012
Kathleen Parker, the 2012 Red Smith Lecturer.
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  • David A. Fahrenthold (2018) (Excerpts from the lecture)   
  • Hedrick Smith (2014)      
  • Kathleen Parker (2012)
  • Frank Deford (2010) (PDF of the lecture)
  • Tim Russert (2008) (PDF of the lecture)
  • Judy Woodruff (2007)
  • Ken Auletta (2005)
  • Frank McCourt (2003)
  • Jim Lehrer (2002)
  • Ted Koppel (1999)
  • David Remnick (1998)
  • Georgie Anne Geyer (1995)
  • Eugene L. Roberts Jr. (1994)
  • Dave Kindred (1991)
  • Robert Maynard (1989)
  • Art Buchwald (1988)
  • Charles Kuralt (1986)
  • James J. Kilpatrick (1985)
  • Murray Kempton (1984)
  • James Reston (1983)