Class of 2023

Maggie Clark

Maggie Clark | Maggie is a political science major from Chatham, N.J. She is a writer for the “From the Archives” section of The Observer, the university’s independent, student-run newspaper.

"Journalism offers an opportunity to serve the masses. In this era of contention, I think journalism would allow me to be a force for good and a source of truth."



Jamison Cook

Jamison Cook | Jamison is a finance major from Erie, Pa. He is currently a sportswriter for The Observer. Jamison has previously covered a wide variety of high school sports for the West County News-Journal, a local weekly newspaper in Erie. He also broadcasted his high school’s girls basketball games on the radio and managed social media accounts for the boys basketball team.

"Sports journalism gives me the unique opportunity to bring to life all that happens on and off the playing field and share my love of sports with others."


Liam Coolican

Liam Coolican | Liam, who hails from Ann Arbor, Mich., is pursuing a degree in international economics in French. On campus, he is a sportswriter and production assistant for The Observer, where he has covered a wide range of Fighting Irish sports.

"I want to be able to share my passions with the world, but also be a force for good, and journalism provides me with that opportunity.”



James Gilman

James Gilman | James is a biological sciences major from New Braunfels, Texas. He currently writes for The Dome, Notre Dame’s yearbook. As an aspiring science journalist, he hopes to pursue a writing focus in melittology for National Geographic – a desire stemming from his time spent in his family’s honeybee hives.

"I intend to work towards bridging the gap between research and the media so that the public can become more informed and supportive of scientific discovery."


Madisan Green

Madisan Green | Madisan, who hails from the Philadelphia area, is an American Studies major. A high school student athlete who lettered all four years as a center forward in field hockey, she aspires to a career in sports broadcasting. A former psychology major, she is fascinated by the forces driving human behavior, especially athletic performance. Madisan hopes to focus her career on professional football coverage.

"For as long as I can remember I sat in front of the TV every Fall Sunday with my family watching football. I hope to pursue a career in sports broadcasting to bring entertainment and joy to others as it has for me."


Elizabeth Gregory

Elizabeth Gregory | Elizabeth, who’s from North Carolina, is double major in film, television, and theater and the Program of Liberal Studies. She is interested in arts and culture commentary and has written reviews for The Observer. Outside of the classroom, Elizabeth works with the campus performing arts administrators to design engaging arts-themed events at the university.

"By reporting on arts and culture, I hope to affirm the power of creativity to effect social change and inspire joy."


Alysa Guffey

Alysa Guffey | Alysa is a history major from Indianapolis. She is also studying secondary education at Saint Mary’s. On campus, she currently serves as an associate news editor for The Observer.

"I love the field of journalism because it fuels my curiosity and desire to learn more about the world around me, and I hope to tell meaningful stories that spark this curiosity in others."



Anna Hurt

Anna Hurt | Anna is a double major in philosophy and theology from Dallas. On campus, she has served as a news writer for The Observer. In high school, she contributed and edited her school newspaper, The Fang. She hopes to use her skills in writing and critical thinking to shape a journalistic career committed to communicating the truth to the public.

“I want to use the knowledge I gain while studying journalism to uncover details that would otherwise go unnoticed. I hope that through a career in investigative journalism, I can reveal truths and give a voice to those without a platform.”


Sara Kirsch

Sara Kirsch | Sara, who’s from St. Louis, is a double major in business and economics. In high school, she worked with her school’s newspaper, The Voice, as both a digital editor and writer. In addition, she also served as the chief sports editor of her school’s yearbook, Echo. While on campus, she writes articles for HerCampus Notre Dame, an online publication focused on empowering young women. She looks forward to gaining new skills to reach her dream career: a business journalist.

"I am drawn to journalism because of its ability to provide the public with profound truth. I look forward to finding a career where I can combine my two passions: journalism and business."


Mannion Mcginley

Mannion E. McGinley | Manni, who’s from New City, N.Y., is an American Studies major and a member of the Glynn Family Honors Program. She is also pursuing a minor in gender studies. As a scholastic journalist, she was editor-in-chief of her high school yearbook, Saga. She is an associate sports editor for The Observer. She is also an assistant editor at Americana, an undergraduate research journal focused on American Studies and journalism.

"My goal is to have a successful career in sports and entertainment media with an emphasis on print and radio."


Gregory Mckenna

Greg McKenna | Greg is a business major from Brookfield, Conn. He is currently a sportswriter at The Observer and runs his own soccer blog, Added-Time. Greg covered sports and school history for his high school newspaper, The Tabard. He is taking advanced coursework in Spanish.

"A reporter once explained to me that sports journalists have ‘a license to explore peoples’ souls’ because sports “distill life into four quarters,” so that has been my dream job ever since."


Lyric Medeiros

Lyric Medeiros | Lyric, who’s from Honolulu, is a double major in English and film, television and theater. She serves as a spokeswoman for university’s Department of Undergraduate Admissions. A singer and actress with several television and commercial credits, she is also a member of the university’s Blue and Gold performance group. She is an aspiring broadcast journalist.

"My passion for communications stems from a young age, as I would watch the news every night with my family. I plan to pursue my dream occupation of a news anchor, so that I can use my God-given talents to help others through making them aware of what is going on around them."


Jessica Meyers

Jessica Meyers | Jess is a member of the women’s golf team and a finance major from Wexford, Pa. On campus, she is a writer for Notre Dame’s chapter of Her Campus. She is interested in using her knowledge of both finance and journalism to write about personal finance and investing.

"I look forward to using my knowledge of finance along with my skills in journalism in hopes to become a business journalist."



Oscar Noem

Oscar Noem | Oscar is an English major from South Bend. During his time at Notre Dame, he has written movie reviews and humor pieces for Scholastic, the university’s student-run magazine.

"I have always been fascinated by the ability of words to cause change, not just in journalism but in all forms of media. I hope to enter the field of criticism in order to gain a deeper insight into the medium and share it with others."



Aidan O Malley

Aidan O’Malley | Aidan is a film, television and theatre major from Wheaton, Ill. In addition to journalism, he is also pursuing a minor in digital marketing. In summer 2020, Aidan interned at Happs News, a Los Angeles-based journalism startup that crowdsources current events through live streams. On campus, he is a film critic and production assistant at The Observer, as well as a news writer for Scholastic.

"As a life-long fan of film, I’m especially interested in entertainment journalism and writing about arts and culture. But I also gravitate to politics and the critical role that journalism plays in our democracy."


Renee Pierson

Renee Pierson | Renee is a sophomore from Scottsdale, Ariz. majoring in political science and psychology. She is a news writer at The Observer and worked in production her freshman year. Renee will also be serving as the Call for Action Editor for a developing publication on campus, A Dome For All, which aims to highlight the non-Catholic experience at Notre Dame.

"I love the personal aspect of journalism. My main goal as a writer, in the field of journalism and beyond, is to understand people and portray their stories accurately and empathetically."


Claire Reid

Claire Reid | Claire, who’s from Madison, Wis., is a double major in film, television, and theater and visual communication design. On campus, she is a photo and video editor for The Observer and a social media and graphic design team member for The Sixth Seat podcast. In high school, she was the arts and entertainment editor for her school newspaper, The Sword and Shield, and an anchor on her school’s weekly Spartan News broadcast. She’s a competitive distance runner and she’s fluent in Spanish.

"My ultimate goal as a journalist is to be on the front lines of historic moments around the world. I want to create both documentary videos and written pieces that expose audiences to underrepresented perspectives."


Trinity Reilly

Trinity Reilly | Trinity is a double major in the Program of Liberal Studies and Global Affairs from Houston. She currently writes news for The Observer, and is also on the paper’s production team. After living in Como, Italy for a year as a Rotary Youth Exchange student, Trinity became interested in writing about international relations.

"I feel drawn to journalism because has the power to connect every person on earth - I hope to one day report on the critical international issues that shape the world we live in."


Christopher Russo

Christopher Russo | Chris is a political science major from Reading, Pa. On campus, he serves as the director of communications for Student Government and works as a tour guide in the Department of Undergraduate Admissions. Through his roles, Chris has developed digital content for various clubs and university events. He hopes to pursue a career in politics that will allow him to utilize his digital awareness and communication skills.

“I am in awe of the way honest reporting shapes the attitudes and perceptions of an audience. I hope to use principles of journalism in a career at the intersection of my interests—politics and media.”


Matthew Smith

Matthew Smith | Matt is a business analytics major from Colorado Springs, Colo. On campus, he is employed by Fighting Irish Media, working as a camera, graphics, and replay operator. He is also a sports columnist for The Observer.

"I have always been passionate about sports, and I hope to use my journalism and data analysis skills to pursue a career in sports journalism or in an operations role for a professional sports team."


Chloe Stafford

Chloe Stafford | Chloe, who’s from Larchmont, N.Y., is a film, television, and theater major with a minor in digital marketing. On-campus, Chloe is currently a member of ND TV, the student-run campus television station. In high school, Chloe was the founder and director of the multimedia team which was affiliated with her school newspaper, “The Globe.” She hopes to one day combine her journalism and film skills and work in documentary filmmaking.

“I have always loved all different kinds of media. My passion started with filmmaking but has since grown to include different types of journalism as well. The overall dream is to become a documentary filmmaker and make an impact with my work.”


Abigail Urban

Abigail Urban | Abby studies film, television, and theatre with minors in digital marketing and musical theatre. She hails from Brookfield, Wis., where she recently completed a remote summer internship as a media assistant with Grotto Network. In addition to her continued work with Grotto Network on campus, Abby also has participated in the editorial team of the student-run literary magazine, Re:Visions. She has studied Spanish for 15 years and continues to use her language skills in community service at Notre Dame.

“I’ve always enjoyed performing and communicating with an audience. I would love to continue to pursue these passions with a job in broadcast journalism or public relations.”


Riley Walsh

Riley Walsh | Riley, who’s from Lexington, Mass., is a double major in psychology and economics. He has written for The Observer and is deeply interested in investigative reporting. A scholastic athlete in football and track & field, he is also passionate about sports journalism.

"I would ideally like to travel and examine ambiguous events, ultimately reporting on important but obscure truths for the public eye."