Class of 2021

Andrews Joseph

Joseph Andrews | Joe is a business analytics major from Wood Dale, Ill. In summer 2019, he was a reporting intern at CNBC. On campus, he works as a broadcast anchor at NDIgnite Connection, a biweekly adolescent-orientated talk show produced by the Notre Dame admissions department. He is also a news writer at The Observer, the university's independent, student-run newspaper.

"Finding a career at the intersection of my two passions—business and journalism—is my ultimate professional goal. I look forward to exploring how I can blend this combination of academic studies in the job field."


Bakke Lauren

Lauren Bakke | Lauren is a computer science major from Minneapolis. She is a news writer for The Observer. She also plays piccolo for The Band of the Fighting Irish. She spent summer 2018 interning at a domestic abuse shelter through the university's Center for Social Concerns.

"As I pursue an unusual academic pairing of computer science and the JED program, I hope to explore how journalism is entering more and more into the digital world through web-based news and social media."


Benavides Aaron

Aaron Benavides | Aaron is a political science and theology major from Corpus Christi, Texas. In summer 2019, he was an editorial intern at The Catholic Herald in London. In summer 2018, Aaron interned for the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, where he worked on communications. On campus, Aaron serves as the director of faith and service for student government.

“I love journalism because of the great power it has to bring change, to hold people accountable, and to share with the world news that matters. I am excited for the journalism program to prepare me for work in communications and media.”



Biltz Gabrielle

Gabrielle Biltz | Gabrielle is a finance major from Garrettsville, Ohio. In summer 2019, she was an intern at The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. On campus, she is a publicist for the university's Student Union Board and holds chair positions in both her dorm and sophomore class council. During her senior year of high school, Gabby completed an internship with a medical university's communications department, where she was a contributing editor.

"I'd like to apply my passion for writing and the skills I learn in the JED program to a future career in a business-related field."



Donnelly Marie

Marie Donnelly | Marie is a double major in economics and film, theater and television from St. Louis. During high school, she wrote for both Villa Duchesne’s Tower Talk and the St. Louis Post-Dispatch’s annual Old Newsboys paper, which features local children’s charities. Currently, she designs and curates her dorm’s weekly student profile to encourage more interaction between dorm members. She is also a Dean’s Fellow in the College of Arts and Letters.

"I am most interested in pursuing long-form journalism with a particular focus on populations that receive little coverage in mainstream media."



Filbin Maeve

Maeve Filbin | Maeve is a political science and economics double major from LaGrange Park, Ill. A junior at Saint Mary's College, Maeve has been a news writer at The Observer for three years, and is currently the Saint Mary's News Editor. As a scholastic journalist, she was the co-editor-in-chief of her high school newspaper, as well as a reporter for The Mash, a teen publication produced by the Chicago Tribune.

"Quality journalism is a necessary tool to an informed public, something that true, effective democracy relies upon. Through my writing, I hope to pursue the truth, hold those in power accountable and contribute to the lives of others."



Flanagan Katharine

Katharine Flanagan | Katharine is a psychology major from San Francisco. She also has a minor in computing and digital technologies. She is the culture editor at Scholastic, Notre Dame’s student-run, monthly magazine. She was the copy editor and writer for her high school magazine, The Mark, and a contributing writer for a local news website, InMenlo.

"Through journalism, I hope to combine my knowledge of psychology with my interest in media and communication. I enjoy writing news and feature articles because I am able to learn about different perspectives and share these stories and points of view with a wider audience."



Ellie Gardey

Ellie Gardey | Ellie is a political science and philosophy major from Grosse Pointe Farms, Mich. She is a student reporter for the College Fix, a news website centered around higher education. She interned at the Daily Caller in summer 2019, writing original articles on cultural change and social issues. She has also served as the managing editor of the Irish Rover, the independent, student-run publication devoted to upholding Notre Dame's Catholic mission.

"Journalism can inform the American people of the condition and character of our country. I want to report on the constant shifting of America’s cultural and political landscape. When informed, the American people can implement changes that benefit the common good."



Geyer Ellen

Ellen Geyer | Ellen, who hails from from Columbus, Ohio, is majoring in international economics with a concentration in Spanish. In summer 2019, she was a reporting intern on the sports desk at The Columbus Dispatch. On campus, she is a reporter for Shamrock Sports, the show about Fighting Irish athletics that is broadcast on NDTV, campus television. She also does play-by-play and color commentary for Fighting Irish hockey and men's basketball on WVFI, the campus radio station. In addition, she is a sportswriter for The Observer and a contributing author to Her Campus Notre Dame. She is a Spanish speaker.

"My passion for journalism stems from the ability that journalists have to humanize subjects that seem otherwise inaccessible —a single feature piece takes LeBron James from superstar to the guy next door. I look forward to telling these stories in my own career as a writer."


Gomez Dessi

Dessi Gomez | Dessi is an American Studies major from Rancho Mission Viejo, Calif. In summer 2019, she was a reporting intern on the arts desk at The South Bend Tribune. On campus, she writes for the Scene section of The Observer. As a scholastic journalist, she was the arts and entertainment editor at her high school newspaper.

"I love to write. I am still discovering the different paths down which writing can lead. My biggest dream is to write a book, but I also love reporting and journalistic writing."




Hieber Maria

Maria Hieber | Maria is a political science and Russian major from Dallas, Texas. In summer 2019, she was an editorial intern at The Nursing Times in London, which is the largest nursing website outside the U.S. She serves as a co-editor for the culture section of Scholastic, the university's student-run magazine.

"I have always had a sense of responsibility for each aspect of my cultural identity of being a Russian American, and with my studies at Notre Dame I would like to attempt to aid in the bettering of Russian-American relations."



King Claire

Claire King | Claire is an environmental science major with a minor in computing and digital technologies. She hopes to become a science journalist, and has a particular interest in writing about climate change and the environment.

"I chose journalism because it's one of the few ways you can reach out to the public and shed light on issues in our society."



Lander Maxwell

Maxwell Lander | Max is an anthropology major from South Bend. In 2018, he interned at the Smithsonian Institution. In summer 2019, he was a reporting intern on the metro desk at The South Bend Tribune. On campus, he is a news writer at The Observer.

"I love the opportunity journalism presents to share to share important stories and information with people around the world"



Lauber Sophia

Sophia Lauber | Sophia is an English major from St. Paul, Minn., where she was the executive editor of her high school newspaper. She is a Spanish speaker.

"I want to pursue journalism because I believe in the power of story and am interested in learning the unique story each individual has to tell. I hope to incorporate my scientific interests into my writing in the future."



Leontaras Maria

Maria Leontaras | Maria, a student at Saint Mary's College, is an interactive journalism major with a double minor in Italian and math. She is from Crown Point, Ind. and was the editor in chief of her high school's newspaper, Inklings. Maria is currently the associate Saint Mary's editor and a news designer at The Observer.

"I strive to be someone who is equipped for the evolving field of journalism. Through my student-designed major, I am learning to be a reporter, photographer, videographer, web designer and graphics creator. I hope to be able to work at a modern media outlet."



Lyons Jack

Jack Lyons | Jack is a philosophy and theology major from South Burlington, Vt. In summer 2019, he was a broadcasting intern at WDEV Radio in Waterbury, Vt. Jack is interested in writing about interactions between religion and culture, as well as Vermont politics. He is a writer for Scholastic.

Jack is most interested in studying the fundamental nature of knowledge and existence and “faith seeking understanding.”



Mcdermott Grace

Grace McDermott | Grace is an American Studies and French major from Chicago. In spring 2019, she was a reporting intern on the metro desk at The South Bend Tribune. In 2018, she interned at Media Monitoring Africa in Johannesburg, South Africa. She is a staff writer for The Observer.

"I hope to pursue investigative, feature, and news journalism that will prompt conversations about social and political change."



Olohan Theresa

Theresa Olohan | Theresa is a political science major from Warrenton, Va. She is a news writer for The Observer.

"I want to be a journalist because of the influence journalists can make through their promotion of the truth. I am especially interested in politics and news writing."



Rafford Claire

Claire Rafford | Claire is an English major from Tempe, Ariz. In summer 2019, she was a reporting intern at The Arizona Republic. On campus, she is an associate news editor at The Observer.

"I am interested in pursuing a career in news journalism, either through a traditional newspaper setting or in audio journalism, such as podcasts."



Rangel Maria Paul

María Luisa Paúl Rangel | María Luisa is a double major in political science and economics from Caracas, Venezuela. In summer 2019, she was a reporting intern at The Miami Herald. On campus, she is a news writer for The Observer. As a scholastic journalist, she co-founded Jefferson Today, her high school's newspaper, and served as the editor-in-chief of the politics section. She is fluent in Spanish and Portuguese; she also speaks French.

"Because of my Venezuelan background, I have always admired the journalists who fearlessly stand up for the truth. Like them, I hope to someday give a voice to the voiceless and shed light to the issues that afflict our world as a foreign correspondent."



Rush Mariah

Mariah Rush | Mariah is an American Studies major from South Bend. In 2017, Mariah held an internship at the South Bend Tribune. In summer 2019, she was a James M. Naughton Fellow at The Philadelphia Inquirer. On campus, she is a staff editor at The Observer. She is also the founder of a television reviewing blog called RushBrushUp.

"Although I have a vast range of interests from reviewing television to political print journalism, my core life goal has been to be an investigative journalist who gives a voice to the overlooked."



Saloomey Daphne

Daphne Saloomey | Daphne is a political science major and science, technology, and values minor from Connecticut. In 2018, she interned with Meryl Moss Media Public Relations where she managed and produced social media content for clients. In summer 2019, she was a reporting intern at The Connecticut Post. On campus, she serves as the news section editor for Scholastic.

"I believe that the ultimate responsibility of a journalist is to care. I hope to be able to uncover the truth with dignity and compassion for the story I'm telling."



Steurer Mary

Mary Steurer | Mary is a computer science engineering major from St. Louis, Mo. She is a news writer for The Observer.

"I love all types of news reporting, but my dream is to pursue a career in investigative journalism that focuses on the crossroads between technology and politics."



Zacharias Serena

Serena Zacharias | Serena is a neuroscience and behavior major from Mequon, Wis. In fall 2019, she will be a reporting intern at The South Bend Tribune. She is a news writer at The Observer.

"I have a passion for writing and the sciences, so I am interested in science journalism. I also strongly believe in the importance of spreading awareness to affect change which is why I enjoy news writing."