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Who is eligible to participate in the Gallivan Program?

Any Notre Dame undergraduate, regardless of major or College. A student can begin the minor in either the sophomore or junior year.

What are the requirements for a minor in journalism?

Students are expected to complete “Fundamentals of Journalism” as the first class of the minor. Four other courses and a professional news internship are also required. Classes for the journalism minor need to be in addition to the requirements of a student’s major.

How are internships handled?

Several news internships are available every semester at news organizations in the South Bend area. In addition, the Gallivan Program supports summer internships for its students at a number of newspapers across the country. Students can complete the internship requirement either during the academic year or during the summer.

Who teaches the classes offered by the Gallivan Program?

Most classes that count for the journalism minor are taught by professionals with extensive experience in the news media. Many are award-winning editors and correspondents who bring a real-world perspective of the newsroom to the Notre Dame classroom.

What are the distinctive features of the Gallivan Program?

From its beginning in 1997, the Gallivan Program has emphasized the participation of professional journalists in its work. Most faculty members are journalists, and throughout the year news people come to campus for varying lengths of time to talk about issues and concerns for the contemporary news media. Every member of the Advisory Committee of the Gallivan Program is a Notre Dame graduate involved in some aspect of journalism.

Why prepare for a journalism career at a time when the news business is in such turmoil?

There will always be a need and a place for the clear, fair presentation of facts and analysis, regardless of the medium delivering news and opinion. Change is certainly a hallmark of this time, and what’s happening throughout the “new media” is reflected in several courses of the Gallivan Program’s curriculum. But the craft of journalism has enduring values and principles that deserve study and should be fundamental to anyone working in news. In addition, classes offered by the Gallivan Program help students to understand the news media and their work in a more sophisticated way, which advances more thoughtful responses to journalism and increased awareness of the obligations of citizenship.