Class of 2020

Bernard Mary

Mary Bernard | Mary is a biological anthropology major from St. Louis. She is a staff writer for The Observer, the university's independent, student-run newspaper. She became interested in journalism while writing for and editing her high school newsmagazine, the Clayton High School Globe. She is fluent in Spanish.

"I'm interested in investigative and magazine reporting and hope to explore how the opiate crisis is impacting both urban and rural America."


Berry Mia

Mia Berry | Mia is a science-business major from Detroit. She is a sportswriter at The Observer. She is also a writer for the Notre Dame Athletics Department webpage, where she creates graphics, edits video and helps manage the department's social media accounts.

"At The Observer, I cover interhall sports, volleyball, swimming and women's golf. I plan on either attending medical school or becoming a sports journalist."



Dacosta Evan

Evan DaCosta | Evan is a political science major from Topsfield, Mass. He is the founder of Halt-Alt, a blog of political opinion. He also works as a student assistant in the political science department.

"I am interested in journalism because of the power journalists have to make changes in the world. I am especially interested in news writing, politics, and conflict reporting."



Hopkirk Gretchen

Gretchen Hopkirk | Gretchen is a film, television and theatre major from Lancaster, Pa. She works as a production assistant for Bleacher Report and Fighting Irish Media.

"I am interested in combining storytelling skills from my multimedia background and the journalism program in order to produce video content for news and/or sports broadcasting outlets."



Korzeniowski David

David Korzeniowski | David is a film, television and theatre major from Sudbury, Mass. He is an intern with the NBC Sports broadcast team that covers Fighting Irish football games. He also works with Fighting Irish Media.

"I went to a camp for five summers to work on my broadcast journalism skills. I one day hope to be a D1 college basketball play-by- play announcer."



Lo, Ashley

Ashley Lo | Ashley, who also goes by Hsuan, is an English major from Kaohsiung, Taiwan. She is a writer for Scholastic. She has interned with EMBA Magazine in Taipei. She is also a Greater China Scholar at the university. She is fluent in Mandarin.

"I would love to become a foreign correspondent because I'm fascinated by different cultures and languages, many of which I've been exposed to as an international student."


Kara Miecznikowski

Kara Miecznikowski | Kara is a biological sciences major from Chesterton, Ind. She is a writer and editor at "Scientia," the university's undergraduate research journal. She is a radio host at WVFI and she also writes for The Observer and Scholastic.

"I'm interested in newspaper and broadcast journalism, and aspire to someday work for NPR’s weekly public radio show, This American Life."



Perrelli Holden

Holden Perrelli | Holden is a film, television and theatre major from North Haven, Conn. Holden is an intern with the NBC Sports broadcast team that cover Fighting Irish football games. In summer 2017, he also served as an intern at NBC in New York City. He also works with Fighting Irish Media.

"I'm passionate about pursuing an on-air career in the sports industry, for radio and television."



Kelli Smith

Kelli Smith | Kelli, who hails from El Paso, Texas, is a dual major in political science and film, television and theatre. In summer 2017, she was an intern at KTSM, the NBC affiliate in El Paso. She is a staff writer at The Observer. She also works with Fighting Irish Media.

"I aspire to be a multimedia journalist for a major television broadcasting network whereby I could report the news -- particularly as it relates to politics."



Weber Natalie

Natalie Weber | Natalie is an English major from Grand Junction, Colo. She is an associate news editor at The Observer, where she covers campus news and helps manage the paper's social media accounts.

"My ultimate career goal is to work as an investigative journalist. I am also interested in political reporting and journalism as it relates to social justice issues."